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mike pappas

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Mike Pappas is a songwriter, producer, and engineer originating from Cleveland, Ohio.  2023 and 2024 has been exciting for Mike, amassing millions of streams of new songs while expanding his creative net to work with legends of the music industry.  In the last year, Mike has co-produced and engineered with Rob Cavallo and Jim Scott, while working with legends Neil Finn and Mitchell Froom recording the new Crowded House album, set for release in May 2024.

Recent releases include the title track to 2024 breakout star Dasha’s “Dirty Blonde” album, co-written and produced by Mike. Recent engineering projects include singer-songwriters Niko Moon and Allen Stone.

Mike got his start working for Norwegian pop producer Axident, which lead to a working relationship with iconic songwriter Justin Tranter. With Justin, Mike engineered and mixed for various producers and artists, including DNCE, Courtney Love and Tricky Stewart. Mike also engineered, co-produced and mixed Tranter signee Shea Diamond’s debut EP “Seen It All”, which features “I Am Her”, ranked as #33 on Billboard’s LGBTQ+ Anthems of All Time in 2023.

While big name credits are important, Mike has always been most interested in finding and developing new artists.  He has shifted his focus in 2024 to working with bands, producing up-and-coming albums for Vineland, Kenzo Cregan and OSWALD, featuring singer Anwar Hadid.

Mike is head producer and engineer at the newly opened Canyon Private Studios in Bel Air, California.

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